Chris Jackson, Founder and CEO of ForesTree, was previously a candidate for Pontiac City Council and State Representative (29th District). Excited to explore entrepreneurial endeavors in a new & emerging market, Chris has operating experience with brands that are rapidly expanding in Michigan. He is formerly the company’s leader of Government & Legislative Affairs, Social Equity, and served as its Community Benefits Liaison and Social Equity Lead. His efforts were recognized recently when he was selected as a member of Oakland County’s 40 under 40.

Chris witnessed how cannabis prohibition directly impacted urban America and is dedicated to reversing the negative damage caused. He is a member of various state and local boards that contribute to economic power and initiatives to drive diversity and inclusion. Aside from serving as Vice Chair for the Board of Directors, Chris serves on the State Regulations Committee for the National Cannabis Industry Association and co-chairs its Diversity and Inclusion sub-committee. His knowledge spans the complex intertwining of governmental and business cannabis issues, while also remaining at the forefront of the pressing interstate commerce issues in cannabis.

Chris serves in a number of capacities within organizations that have a direct impact on small businesses and the inclusion of people of color economically including: Cannabis Regulatory Agency – Michigan (DEI Workgroup, Racial Task Force Workgroup), Small Business Association of Michigan (Leadership Council, Legislative Workgroup), AQUME Foundation (Board Chair), Main Street Pontiac (Past President).

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