Elev8 Cannabis


Seun is the CEO of Elev8 Cannabis.

He isa Nigerian immigrant and DACA Act DREAMer who moved to the U.S. when he was just 3 years old. He grew up in southside Chicago IL, spent his teenage years in Texas with his aunt who helped him define the kind of person he wanted to become. After his time in Texas, he took his lessons and inspiration from supportive family members and moved to Washington State where he was able to master sales and business management from the ground level, all of the way up. Once he had built upon the foundational skill set of his entrepreneurial journey, he decided to get involved with legal cannabis when Washington State and Oregon opened up their adult-use markets.

He quickly navigated the cannabis industry as the youngest African American man in the U.S. to own their own retail dispensary. He was able to make history and in that process, he has committed to holding that space for other BIPOC who aspire to do the same.

Now a resident of Roxbury MA, holding 3 state licenses and on the brink of opening his second brick and mortar, he is always looking to what is next; cultivation, distribution, policy change, the list goes on, etc. He chooses cannabis because it is an emerging market with endless possibilities. 

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