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15% Discount

Hard Car Security is a premier armored transportation company providing top tier asset protection services to our cannabis industry. Are you placing yourself or an employee in danger of criminal attack to save a few hundred dollars? Are you risking your entire business transporting cash and product yourself or asking your employees to take the risk? Are you risking losing your license every time you are not in compliance with State transportation laws? Hard Car Security offers reduced rates to recurring customers based on the amount of calls for services in a week or month. NCIA members can save even more. Hard Car Security is offering all NCIA members an additional 15% discount on all our armored transportation services. This is a significant savings that can add up to thousands of dollars each month of your money minus the risk! It’s a no brainer to STOP giving criminals an open invitation to attack your next movement of cash or products. Give Hard Car Security a call and end the insanity.

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