Member Benefits: Cannabis Expert Advice - Now Just One Click Or Call Away |
May 3, 2017

Member Benefits: Cannabis Expert Advice – Now Just One Click Or Call Away

The cannabis industry is on the move. In various states and at various speeds, the industry is making rapid progress toward legalization and widespread acceptance. At NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in 2016, speaker and NCIA board member Steve DeAngelo presciently stated:

“We have harnessed the engine of free enterprise to the train of social justice, and there is no stopping us now.”  

Although the train is clearly moving, there are plenty of actors who would just as soon derail it before it gets too far down the tracks. As a highly regulated industry, one of the biggest challenges to advancing the industry is ensuring an open and free flow of knowledge that brings transparency to all aspects of the business. Knowledge is the true antidote for fear and ignorance. Professionals operating in the field — such as the members of NCIA — are the ones best able to share their knowledge to newcomers.   

So what’s the mechanism to get reliable, vetted expertise disseminated as broadly as possible?

NCIA, in cooperation with Brainsy Inc. (a provider of patented online knowledge-sharing platforms), has created the Cannabis Expert Calling Network or “Cannabis ECN” as an online knowledge exchange to allow NCIA members to make themselves available to others in public or private online forums. By participating in the Cannabis ECN as experts, NCIA members help advance the field, can promote themselves, and can generate business leads. Finally, the Cannabis ECN includes an “InCall®” feature that can get members paid for private one-on-one phone calls. The ECN is both a member benefit and a benefit for the industry’s broader stakeholders – government policymakers, cannabis entrepreneurs, small businesses, researchers, etc.  

ECN graphicWhat kinds of topics are discussed or raised on the ECN?

Here’s a sampling (click the links to view the expert responses):  

What are the most common mistakes made when cloning marijuana?
Answered by Jennifer Martin

At any given time, how many 30,000-square-foot warehouse facilities eligible for cannabis growing are on the market in Colorado?
Answered by Jason Thomas

When should I switch from HID to LED grow light or vice versa?
Answered by Ryan Wankel 

Are there any relevant insurance policies to assist a cannabis company if their seed-to-sale POS system fails them?
Answered by Doug Banfelder 

Does Washington State direct any of the revenue collected from taxes on cannabis for specific purposes or does it just go into the state’s general treasury?
Answered by John Davis 

What are the various factors that may affect yield for a CO2 cannabis extraction machine?
Answered by AC Braddock

As you can see, the range is surprisingly broad. Some questions are general while some are very specific. Either way, those participating in the ECN by answering questions (publicly or privately) or publishing to the ECN’s Knowledge Board are contributing to a search-indexed knowledge repository that will only grow in value as member activity increases. (Search “cannabis expert” in Google and see what rises to the top.)

To showcase and recognize contributing experts, the 2017 Roster of Featured Experts was published earlier this year. Take a look!

What new developments are ahead for the Cannabis ECN — and for the second half of 2017?

First, due to increasing demand, the Cannabis ECN will add new subject matter expert categories including: Insurance, Real Estate, Seed-to-Sale, HR & Staffing, Packaging, and Branding.  

Second, to help facilitate knowledge-sharing between NCIA members and their clients (or prospective clients), “ECN Groups” are now available as public or private online forums that can be led and managed by a participating Cannabis ECN expert. It’s also a chance to showcase thought leadership while generating new leads.  

** Contact Jeremy or register at:

Note: Without the following sponsors’ generous support, the Cannabis ECN® would not be possible: Boveda, Eden Labs, Envirotech, Extract Advisors, ExtractionTek, and Heliospectra. We thank them for their support and participation.

Board Candidate – Brad Nattrass, urban-gro

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