What is NCIA’s state affiliate program?

NCIA’s mission is dedicated to federal policy change and the support of a national industry that is coordinated, sustainable, and responsible. We’ve also carefully and consciously entered into agreements with a few dedicated members looking to accomplish similar work at the state level.

Individual state cannabis markets have their own unique needs and challenges. An NCIA state affiliate is tasked with pursuing the same priorities as NCIA’s federal mission – advocacy, education, and community – but with a zoomed-in focus on state legislation and regulations, city ordinances, and local networking and business development. The combination of NCIA and a state affiliate gives members a powerfully unified voice in influencing legislation that is fair towards our industry.

At this time, our only official state affiliates are in California and Ohio.

How does the state affiliate program work?

Each state affiliate is an independent entity from NCIA, electing its own board of directors and pursuing its own decision-making processes. The affiliates are non-profit organizations, and dues are collected from members to be used for state advocacy work.

NCIA reserves the rights to the intellectual property of the state affiliates, and may deny or terminate a relationship with such an entity at any time and revoke or deny permission to use the affiliate name, for any reason, including failure to comply with the affiliate agreement. NCIA assumes no liability over the activities of the affiliate. Affiliates may use NCIA’s branding elements and certain intellectual property under license from NCIA (including elements of the trademarked NCIA logo and the “Cannabis Industry Association” name per the terms of the affiliate agreement.)

Membership dues for the state affiliate are split between the state affiliate and NCIA, and members of the state affiliate are automatically added to the rosters of NCIA’s national membership, although many members still choose to maintain separate memberships with both the state affiliate and NCIA. The affiliate must have transparent membership roles and a process by which members elect the affiliate’s board of directors.

The affiliate staff responsible for daily operations must not have any other interests in the cannabis industry.

Affiliates must seek IRS tax exemption status as either a 501(c)(6) or (c)(4), and must comply with all applicable state and federal laws, as well as NCIA’s Member Code of Conduct.

NCIA’s state affiliates currently exist in the two most populous states with active medical or adult-use marijuana programs: California and Ohio. 

CCIA-LogoCalifornia Cannabis Industry Association (CCIA)CCIA-Logo-300x294

National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio (NCIAO)

Looking to get involved in one of our existing state affiliates? Visit their websites:

CCIA – www.cacannabisindustry.org
NCIAO – www.nciaohio.org

Interested in inquiring about our affiliate program? Please contact NCIA