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  • November 11, 2016

    VIA Folio Now Supports Private Investing in Cannabis-Related Businesses

    AUTHOR: with Folio Investments, Inc.

    via_logo_masterMcLean, Va., October 27, 2016 – Investors and some cannabis-related businesses can now turn to VIA Folio for one-stop, capital raising and innovative brokerage solutions. (Visit to read our full press release.)

    VIA Folio will initially support two categories of cannabis businesses whose activities are legal under both state and federal law, and consider others as the legislative and regulatory landscape changes: * Pharmaceutical companies engaged in research under Drug Enforcement Administration waivers. * Companies that do not “touch the plant” but provide products or services to businesses that do.

    “We have been considering supporting cannabis businesses’ capital raising efforts for some time and accelerated that exploration after a number of broker-dealers and others asked about our willingness to support these companies,” said Blaine McLaughlin, VIA Folio chief operating officer. “After carefully considering the legal, public policy and regulatory landscape and VIA Folio’s goal of democratizing private investing, our decision became clear.”

    VIA Folio’s Cannabis Special Report provides an in-depth look at the firm’s perspective on the cannabis industry. Learn more about our innovative online brokerage platform and private investing capabilities by visiting About VIA Folio VIA Folio empowers clients of portals, issuers and intermediaries to invest in alternative assets such as private debt and equity, public offerings, and hedge funds. It does this by supporting the process of offering, subscription, closing, and custody on the Folio Investments, Inc. brokerage platform. Investors and advisors can hold multiple private securities in a single Folio brokerage account, alongside publicly traded securities. This integrated approach facilitates the inclusion of private securities in both taxable and tax-deferred accounts. This communication is for information purposes only and should not be regarded as a recommendation of or an offer to sell or as a solicitation of an offer to buy, any financial product. Financial products listed on our sites are only available to residents in the states where those products are registered. Offerings of securities on our sites are only suitable for investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the risks associated with those investments. Investors must be able to afford to lose their entire investment. Non-exchange traded securities are not publicly traded and are intended for investors who do not have a need for a liquid investment. There can be no assurance any security valuation is accurate, reflective of future sales prices, or in agreement with any market or industry valuations.

    Additionally, investors may receive restricted securities that may be subject to holding period requirements. A well-diversified portfolio can include different types of investments. How you invest is based on your tolerance for risk, the length of time you have to reach your financial goals, your specific interests and needs and other factors. Companies seeking investments are often in earlier stages of development and have not yet been fully tested in the public marketplace. Investing in non-exchange traded securities requires high risk tolerance, low liquidity requirements and long-term commitments.

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