NCIA Enters New Partnership Agreement with New Performing Rights Organization

NCIA Enters New Partnership Agreement with New Performing Rights Organization

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) recently entered into a new partnership agreement with AllTrack Performing Rights, the fastest growing Performing Rights Organization (PRO) in the United States, to issue discounted music licenses to its members. 

Proper music licensing is fundamental to any business that plays music or hosts live performances, whether at a dispensary, restaurant, or event. A PRO clears music for businesses and passes the resulting royalties on to songwriters and publishers each time their songs are played by any of the following means: audio streaming, TV or video streaming or broadcast, background music services, live performances, live DJs, karaoke, digital files, and jukeboxes.

AllTrack is dedicated to aggregating independent, professional creators and publishers across all major genres including hip hop, pop, rock, and country, and making the rights to their music available to businesses throughout the world.

“We are thrilled to partner with the NCIA, as they are the leading association to help the cannabis industry grow in each state and expand into the mainstream” said Brian Mullaney, Chief Revenue Officer for AllTrack. “Music has played a culturally significant role in the cannabis industry, and we are pleased to make our simple and affordable solution available for each NCIA member to license music rights properly.”

Businesses are required to have a performance license for the copyrighted songs played in their establishments that the public can hear and enjoy. Through this partnership, AllTrack will seamlessly offer each NCIA member the blanket protection they require under United States Copyright Law. AllTrack’s tech forward approach makes the process of an NCIA member obtaining a blanket license easier than ever and provides the required protections that cannot be obtained from background music or other subscription services.

Businesses are required to have a performance license to play copyrighted songs in their establishments that the public can hear and enjoy. AllTrack will provide a 15% discount to each NCIA member for their annual licensing fee. In addition, an incremental percentage will be given back to the NCIA in support of the services they provide to their membership base.

About NCIA

NCIA is the oldest, largest, and most inclusive trade association representing legal cannabis businesses. NCIA’s membership is composed of hundreds of forward-thinking businesses dedicated to ensuring that small cannabis businesses have a seat at the table in Washington, D.C. rather than just the wealthiest few.

NCIA is leading the charge to protect the legal cannabis industry, defend our state laws, and advance federal policy reforms favorable to the industry as a whole. Successful businesses are joining NCIA every day to become stronger, smarter, and more prosperous by working together to defend the responsible cannabis industry and create more opportunities for small businesses in our sector.

About AllTrack

AllTrack Performing Rights is the only full-service global performing rights organization (PRO) established specifically to represent independent music creators – songwriters, composers, producers and publishers. AllTrack issues simple and affordable blanket music license agreements to businesses that permit them to use all of AllTrack’s music, both ethically and in compliance with copyright law, and distributes the resulting proceeds as royalties to its affiliated creators when their music is played. An AllTrack license permits businesses to play music in unlimited frequency by all means of public performance as defined under copyright law, including via streaming services, background music services, TV, cable, radio, digital files, jukeboxes and other recorded means, and to host live music, DJs, karaoke, comedic and other similar performances at their locations. Through the ongoing development and use of cutting-edge technology designed to eliminate inefficiencies, AllTrack is committed to providing a near effortless compliance solution for businesses and creators, resulting in a hyper-efficient, fair and balanced marketplace for all. Visit to learn more.

Author & Company Information

Brian Mullaney

Brian Mullaney is the Chief Revenue Officer for Alltrack. Launched in 2019, Alltrack is the fastest growing performing rights organization in the United States. Prior to AllTrack, Brian served as a Senior Executive for BMI and large organizations in health care and financial services. In addition, Brian has been a keynote speaker for several conferences and advisor for several panels on topics such as customer service, employee/leadership development, and company culture. Brian's experience and expertise in sales, marketing, customer service and employee development, has been a leading contributor to his success over the years.

Mullaney is a seasoned Sales & Operations veteran who has been leading organizations around the world for over 25 years. During his tenure, Brian has led over 2000 employees representing industries in music, financial services, technology, health care. Brian began his career with the General Electric leadership program and graduated into key roles within marketing, operations, and sales, serving several large organizations such as Apple, Intuit and Bank of America.

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