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Growcentia develops organically derived microbial additives that enable growers and farmers to sustainably maximize plant health, quality and yield in Cannabis and Hemp as well as across other crops. Our technology works in all management practices, including: open field, greenhouses, vertical farming and hydroponic systems. Our first product – Mammoth P® is an OMRI certified, liquid microbial additive that acts as a catalyst to maximize plant nutrient uptake to significantly increase plant yield, health and quality Dry weight harvested yield increase in Cannabis is 16% on average.

We developed this technology to solve a problem facing growers and producers – when nutrients are added to soils and other growth media, up to 70% becomes almost immediately unavailable to plants due to natural chemical binding and transformations. This represents wasted money to the grower and maximized yield enhancement is not achieved.

We have developed a patented, globally available additive that significantly increases plant yield. The microbes in our current technology unlock bound nutrients 30X better than the average microbial community, transforming nutrients back into plant available forms, maximizing P and micronutrient availability to significantly increase plant yield, health and quality.

Mammoth P is sold across all US states as well as in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Jamaica, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.

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(970) 818-2795

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