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GrowRay Lighting Technologies

GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of biophysicists, lighting engineers, and photo-biologists have developed the first truly viable, industrial-grade adaptive LED lighting system designed specifically for cannabis. GrowRay lights provide substantial cost savings and significantly increased crop yields.

Our LED grow lights consistently produce substantial cost savings, increase dry weight yields and improve potency.

GrowRay’s PhD-driven team of scientists and engineers spent five years researching and developing LED grow lights that work for industry professionals.

Using our whole systems approach (LEDi) grower’s achieve superior results in both indoor and greenhouse environments.

GrowRay’s science based technology delivers a full spectrum and uniform light intensity across the entire canopy.

GrowRay lights produce optimal cannabis health in all stages of growth.

GrowRay LED lights are engineered to reduce energy consumption up to 30% on lighting as well as up to 25% on HVAC.

Combining Samsung mid-power and Osram ceramic potted LEDs with superior thermal design, you can expect more than 50,000 hours of service.

GrowRay’s service paired with our unmatched full 7-year warranty is a combination for consistent success.

Bottom Line Benefits:

Typical 10% dry weight yield improvement with supplemental CO2 and GrowRay LEDi optimization protocols and procedures

More robust plants and earlier vegetative to flowering transition

Cultivate 2x+ more plants in dual-tier applications and/or in locations where utilities limit power to greenhouses (compared with HPS)

Over 30% energy savings (compared with 1000w HPS)

Over 25% lower HVAC CAPEX/OPEX

Low heat with rugged thermal management and dissipation (compared with 1000w HPS)

Industry-leading 7 Year Warranty

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