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Hawthorne Gardening Company

Hawthorne Gardening Company is built to serve growers of all sizes, from commercial cultivators to home hobbyists. We are a company guided by a set of principles that motivate us every day. We are made up of dozens of best-in-class brands, from Gavita, General Hydroponics and Titan Controls, to Botanicare and Mother Earth, that span every growing category from lighting to nutrients, growing environment, growing media, hardware, and many more. We are pioneers in the business of growing. Through our signature brands, we’ve blazed trails since 1976, and we continue to bring industry-leading, trusted brands known for enabling growers to exceed their ambitions through our commitment to quality and consistency. And we use our voice to advance legislation that supports the responsible legalization of marijuana. Because our goal is to enable all growers to seize today’s unprecedented opportunities and build the industry of tomorrow.

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(888) 478-6544

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