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Senseon Secure Access

Senseon is the leader in cabinet-level touchless access control for dispensaries. Using concealed hardware, Senseon protects your valuable merchandise with utmost discretion.

That’s why Senseon has been the source for storage protection in boutiques and dispensaries for almost 10 years. Senseon is also the only smart-access security solution with native integration for drawers, slides, and cabinets.
Senseon Plus, the latest iteration of our smart access control system, protects your dispensary by:

– Eliminating the need for cumbersome locks and keys
– Providing real-time, Cloud-backed user data to support chain-of-custody compliance
– Minimizing contact points with features such as touch-release and auto-open
– Delivering up-to-the-minute remote notifications so managers know who accessed what and when

Senseon’s concealed system lets you manage operations without affecting your store’s unique design or customer experience.

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12311 Shoemaker Avenue

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