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Over the last couple of years, WayofLeaf has established itself as one of the world’s leading cannabis authorities and source of reliable information. Run by a team of industry professionals, the resource offers personalized guidance on all things related to medical cannabis as well as providing a plethora of information on different cannabis products and brands.

Furthermore, WayofLeaf has compiled one of the most reputable and comprehensive online resources in terms of CBD-based studies, and also offers extensive reviews on today’s leading CBD-based products.

Via its highly esteemed and daily updated blog, the site also offers an invaluable network of information on strain reviews, cannabis cultivation, 420 recipes, and marijuana-based news. And with the goal of developing a “user-friendly and responsive website,” WayofLeaf has become renowned for its reader-based approach and its responsiveness in regard to a variety of cannabis-based questions and reader inquiries.

WayofLeaf.com also offers extensive services for those looking to acquire Medical Marijuana Identification Cards and offers step-by-step guides for all 33 (and counting) medically legal states in the US. The company is in constant contact with MMJ doctors and 420 clinics around the country, and are always more than happy to point you in the right direction if you’re looking to qualify for medical cannabis in your specific area, or simply to find out more information.

In terms of contributors, the site produces content from a variety of industry professionals, including practicing physicians, nutritionists, and brand executives that possess a truly invaluable level of insight and expertise (see the MarijuanaBreak ‘About Us’ page for more information on staff contributors).

All in all, WayofLeaf is one of the leading global online resources for all things related to cannabis. Whether you’re looking for reliable info on a new (or classic) strain, searching for reviews on a recently-released CBD oil or vape product, compiling data for your first grow project, or simply browsing the blog for up-to-date marijuana-related news and academic studies, MarijuanaBreak.com is a resource you simply cannot overlook.

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