Counterfeiting, Diversion, And Gray Market Abuse In Cannabis
By Bethany Moore
March 23, 2020
/ Education

Counterfeiting, Diversion, And Gray Market Abuse In Cannabis

Tune in to learn more about counterfeiting, diversion and gray market abuse in cannabis with Terri Miller, Regional Sales Director at SignaKey. SignaKey provides encrypted track, trace & authentication technology (T, T & A). They protect products, brand identities, and brand values against counterfeiting, diversion and gray market abuses through the use of a proprietary symbology and a closed-loop process. Many listeners know about the USDA Hemp Regulations being rolled out, and anyone who’s in the hemp/CBD business with less than .3% THC has different regulations than the licensed, highly regulated cannabis industry. So anyone working with these products knows there are consequences if your plants are found to have THC levels beyond what’s allowed. We talk about the challenges for hemp cultivators related to those rules and regulations. This is a great example of using technology tools in our supply chain to support our goals. Bethany is constantly impressed with some of the booths she sees on their conference expo floors. We take a deep dive and explain the full life cycle of how this technology works regarding geotagging of plants, a chain of custody, and beyond. All this and more on today’s episode with Terri Miller of SignaKey.

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