Director of Marketing


Kaliko Castille is the Director of Marketing for the National Cannabis Industry Association, leading our team of storytellers and digital marketing experts in a collaborative effort to produce high-quality, informational, values-driven content to help our members stay in the know and grow their businesses.

Prior to joining NCIA, Kaliko spent the previous six years as a marijuana reform activist and freelance strategist. Starting out as an intern for NORML’s National Outreach Director, he quickly immersed himself in the grassroots activism scene. Wanting to inspire his fellow millennials, he filed to run for Congress at the age of 23. In 2012, he went on to become a Co-Director for a political action committee called Oregonians for Law Reform, which raised money independently for Measure 80. Shortly after passage of HB 3460, he opened and managed a dispensary in SE Portland before having to close down due to local regulations, giving him unique insights into the struggles cannabis operators.

Along the way, Kaliko has honed his craft as a marketing & branding strategist, helping to run sales for several cannabis media outlets, in addition to consulting for brands. Born in the Bay Area, Kaliko grew up in Portland, Oregon before moving to Vallejo with the love of his life.

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