About NCIA

Our Mission

To promote the growth of a responsible, sustainable, and inclusive cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and regulatory environment for that industry throughout the United States.

The National Cannabis Industry Association was founded on the principle of power in numbers. The thousands of businesses involved in the state-legal cannabis industry represent a tremendous economic force in this country and as the industry’s national trade association, NCIA proudly works every day to ensure our growing business sector has a seat at the table on the national stage.

Our industry is stronger, smarter, and more prosperous when we work together.

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Our Values


NCIA advocates for the unique needs of the emerging cannabis industry and defends against threats to successful state cannabis programs. Our members provide the support necessary to ensure that the cannabis industry has a seat at the table as marijuana policy is discussed at the highest levels in Washington, D.C.


NCIA raises the bar within the industry by providing valuable information through regular educational events that elevate sophistication throughout the cannabis sector and through in-depth policy analysis and information on best practices for business leaders, lawmakers, and regulators.


NCIA leads a powerful and unified business community that connects the best and brightest minds in the legal cannabis industry. Our members gain a competitive advantage over isolated business operators through exclusive access to market data, member-to-member discounts, brand exposure through our member directory, and access to impactful events hosted all around the country.


NCIA advocates for a regulated but inclusive cannabis industry, open to responsible and capable American businesspeople from all walks of life. To that end, we support policies to protect members of disadvantaged communities from being shut out of employment in the emerging legal industry as well as sensible regulations and tax policies that will ensure the cannabis industry remains a vibrant and diverse business sector for years to come.


NCIA uses our platform as the largest trade association in the cannabis sector to advocate for responsible business practices, corporate responsibility and stewardship, so that our emerging industry never becomes the another big tobacco.


NCIA is the nation’s only broad-based industry organization engaging in legislative efforts to expand and further legitimize the legal cannabis market in the U.S. and ensuring that lawmakers and the public understand the benefits of state-regulated cannabis as an alternative to the failures of prohibition.

Join the movement

NCIA is leading the cannabis industry's unified and coordinated campaign to ensure our business sector is treated fairly and has the opportunity to reach its full potential. Now - more than ever - is the time to invest in your business and the future of the industry by becoming a member.

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