About NCIA

Our Mission

To promote the growth of a responsible, sustainable, and inclusive cannabis industry and work for a favorable social, economic, and regulatory environment for that industry throughout the United States.

NCIA works every day to ensure small and medium sized cannabis businesses have a seat at the table in Washington, D.C. and we’re leading the charge to advance national policy reforms favorable to the whole industry, not just the wealthiest few.

We are the voice of Main Street Cannabis.

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Our Values


NCIA members are driving the policy changes the industry needs to flourish. As national legalization models are debated in our nation’s halls of power, NCIA’s professional government relations team is ensuring that small and medium sized cannabis businesses are part of the conversation about national legalization – not just the select few with the deep pockets to hire their own lobbyists.


As the industry’s only full-service trade association, NCIA provides its members exclusive access to the information, industry news, and resources small businesses need to succeed.


NCIA members receive exclusive access to online and in-person networking opportunities so they can stay connected and engaged with industry colleagues, regulators, elected officials, and thought leaders.


NCIA advocates for a regulated but inclusive cannabis industry, open to responsible and capable American businesspeople from all walks of life. To that end, we support policies to protect members of disadvantaged communities from being shut out of employment in the emerging legal industry as well as sensible regulations and tax policies that will ensure the cannabis industry remains a vibrant and diverse business sector for years to come.


NCIA uses our platform as the largest trade association in the cannabis sector to advocate for responsible business practices, corporate social responsibility and stewardship, so that our emerging industry never becomes the another big tobacco or alcohol.


As we replace illegal cannabis markets with regulated ones, NCIA believes its vitally important that our new industry be good stewards of the Earth. That means promoting regulations and business practices that lead to environmentally sustainable cultivation, processing, and packaging of safe cannabis products.

Join the movement

NCIA is leading the cannabis industry's unified and coordinated campaign to ensure our business sector is treated fairly and has the opportunity to reach its full potential. Now - more than ever - is the time to invest in your business and the future of the industry by becoming a member.

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