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The National Cannabis Industry Association’s priority is to defend and advance the interests of the responsible cannabis industry in our nation’s capital. Central to our mission, is the belief that our members should be treated fairly under federal law and that the cannabis industry must like any other legitimate business sector in this country.

State-legal cannabis businesses should not pay higher effective tax rates than other businesses or struggle to find bank accounts. And business owners certainly should not face the possibility of arrest and prosecution by federal authorities when they are acting in compliance with state and local laws.

In addition to direct lobbying for changes in the law, NCIA promotes the economic benefits of the cannabis industry to an audience largely unfamiliar with the incredible progress being seen across the country. We make sure that the industry is given the credit it deserves for creating good jobs, generating tax revenue and operating in a manner that best serves its customers, while respecting societal concerns.

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Promoting Industry Best Practices

NCIA strongly encourages responsible and socially conscious business practices for the cannabis industry. This includes general guidelines for effective and responsible marketing practices and promoting a culture of community engagement within the industry.

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