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The NCIA-PAC & Leadership Circle

The NCIA-PAC is the most-respected federal Political Action Committee (PAC) for cannabis industry professionals and provides contributions to candidates for public office who support forward-thinking reforms that respect state cannabis laws and protect the legal industry. Like any other industry PAC, the NCIA-PAC is vital to the political future of the emerging cannabis sector and gives cannabis professionals a united voice in the political process.

The NCIA-PAC maintains no overhead costs so that 100% of donations are used to support industry-friendly candidates and build the political influence of our emerging business sector. Contributions from $1 to $10,000 support in fighting our important and sometimes difficult legislative battles on the Hill. Every dollar helps us reach our goals.

Members who contribute or raise funds over $1,000 dollars for the NCIA-PAC within the calendar year may join our PAC Leadership Circle to receive additional benefits.

Please click here to learn more about NCIA-PAC and our Leadership Circle.

Advocate Circle

Advocate Circle

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Advocate Circle

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