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NCIA is pleased to announce we have partnered with North America’s largest B2B publisher, MultiView, to offer website retargeting advertising opportunities.

Thousands of cannabis business professionals from across the nation visit NCIA’s website for the latest news related to the industry. These experts do so because it’s a valuable and trusted source of information.

MultiView’s programmatic technology allows a limited number of advertisers to show their messages to visitors on their favorite sites after they leave NCIA’s. This unique service gives advertisers more reach, lets buyers better connect with suppliers, and delivers another stream of non-dues revenue to our association. Using deep insights gathered from thousands of campaigns, MultiView’s team will also help advertisers develop branded messaging to serve our members, no matter where the Web takes them.

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NCIA members receive a 20% discount

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What Our Association Site Retargeting Offers:

Reach Niche Audiences Beyond NCIA’s Website
Retargeting industry professionals after they’ve clicked away from NCIA’s website keeps your brand top-of-mind and ensures that you’ll consistently connect with them across their buying journey. It’s the perfect complement to Association Website Advertising because it enables you to reach those same industry audiences more often as they navigate the rest of the Web.

Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Ad Spend
Finding and reaching niche groups of buyers online can be difficult to do at scale in an affordable way. Broad targeting techniques can lead to ad waste, but retargeting association visitors solves that problem because it lets you spend your budget with better results by reaching the right decision-makers on their favorite sites across the Web. Plus, proceeds support NCIA’s important advocacy on behalf of the cannabis industry.

Rely On MultiView’s Expert Team
MultiView’s experienced ad services team will handle all of the technology, creative design, and reporting to make sure your brand stands out across the Web and your campaign is running smoothly. They’ll even refresh your ads so that they stay relevant to potential buyers no matter how many times they’ve seen them.

About Association Site Retargeting

Association websites are a powerful resource for businesses looking to reach highly defined B2B audiences. Millions of industry professionals visit these sites, but how do you stay in front of them once they leave? Now, with association website retargeting, you have the opportunity to connect with your audience after they have clicked away from the association website and are navigating the rest of the internet.

Click here to access our Association Site Retargeting Infosheet 

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