Frequently Asked Questions

What does NCIA do?

NCIA is the largest national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry, with an emphasis on serving small and medium sized businesses in our sector. On behalf of our hundreds of member-businesses, NCIA works to advance national cannabis reforms that benefit the entire industry.

NCIA is also the only full service cannabis trade association in the U.S., providing our members with unparalleled information and networking opportunities to help them succeed in the increasingly competitive industry.

Is NCIA a nonprofit?

Yes, NCIA is a 501(C)(6) nonprofit trade association with the mission of advancing the legal and responsible cannabis industry. This means that all proceeds from membership dues, event sponsorships and tickets, as well as donations are used to advance this mission with under the guidance and oversight of our member-selected Board of Directors.

Where are NCIA’s offices located?

NCIA has two main offices: Our government and media relations staff work out of our Capitol Hill office in Washington, D.C. and our membership services and administrative staff work in Denver, Colorado.

Do you accept content for your website?

Blogs can be submitted for publication on the website by members only. Members can also submit news about their business, press releases, etc. to be listed on the “Member News” section of our site. Become a member by filling out a Membership Application and start your blog contribution today!

I want to start a local chapter, how do I start an official one with NCIA?

NCIA does not maintain chapters but our Allied Associations Program is working strategically with other local, state, and national cannabis trade associations to advance the industry. Check out our directory of Allied Associations to find one near you, or contact us to learn more about having your association join the program.

How do I sponsor an NCIA event or webinar?

Fill out this form or email for more information about sponsorship packages for upcoming events or digital opportunities.

I have a business idea or product to serve the cannabis industry. How can NCIA help me succeed?

The best way to get connected in the cannabis industry is to join NCIA and attend and sponsor our events which are consistently attended by the brightest, most influential cannabis business owners in the industry. Another easy way to demonstrate your thought leadership within the industry, is to post content to NCIA’s members-only blog and to apply to join one of our committees.

How do I get a job in the industry?

Search for members in our Member Directory who specialize in ‘Human Resources & Staffing’ that can help. Some members have a job-board component to their website. Attending NCIA events is another great way to meet employers in the industry.

I’m new to the industry as a business, how do I get started?

NCIA cannot provide legal advice on how to start your cannabis business. Head to our member directory and search for consulting and/or legal services for assistance. Also meet other industry professionals at our regional events.

I want to start a cannabis-related business and need to know more about structuring my company and complying with state and local laws. Can you provide some advice?

NCIA is a national trade association and does not provide legal advice, nor instructions on how to start a cannabis business. We do recommend that you obtain an attorney to guide you through your state’s laws and regulations, as perhaps reaching out to one of our member businesses specializing in cannabis business consulting. Our member directory lists several legal and consulting firms. You can also find helpful industry tips from our knowledgeable membership base in our blog.

What do you think of the laws in a particular state? When will cannabis be legal in my state?

NCIA is working to allow states to establish their own systems for regulating cannabis without federal interference. While we are likely a number of years away from the end of federal marijuana prohibition, now is the time to push the conversation forward. By promoting the benefits of the cannabis industry, both for consumers and the economy, NCIA is gradually undermining institutional support for prohibition. In order to begin the process of organizing, NCIA is supporting a number of current bills in Congress which would regulate marijuana like alcohol under federal law.

I have money and/or capital to invest in the cannabis industry. Where should I go?

As a trade association, NCIA does not offer investment advice but several of our members offer resources of this nature. For example, the Arcview Group’s “The State of Legal Marijuana Markets” can be purchased online. NCIA members can receive a $100 discount off the total price of the book. Contact us at for details.

You can find investment opportunities within the our large network of successful entrepreneurs by attending our events and tradeshows throughout the year.

I am a student looking for resources to complete a research project about the cannabis industry and/or its laws. Where can I find resources?

NCIA has an abundance of resources in the News & Resources section of our site. If there is something that you would like and cannot find, please contact us with this form and we will follow up with you.

I am an activist and I want to get involved! I support cannabis and want to see the industry flourish in a responsible and legitimate way. How can I help?

Donations to NCIA are the most impactful way you can support or work to expand and protect the responsible cannabis industry. Please consider donating here.

Are my membership dues or donations tax deductible?

75% of any payments to NCIA may be tax-deductible as a business expense. The balance is reserved for direct federal lobbying and therefore is not deductible.

I’m interested in becoming a member of NCIA. Where can I get more information?

Becoming a member of NCIA gives you access to hundreds of other related businesses and insider information for the trade, as well as free or discounted access to our events. Please visit our website for more information on how being a member of your industry’s trade association gives you a competitive advantage over those not yet invested in the industry’s future.

You can become a member in just a few minutes at or by calling our Membership Department at (888) 683-5650. Entry level membership starts at just $120 a month or $1,000 a year and the rates and benefits of our higher membership levels are described online.

Where do my membership dues go?

Your membership dues primarily fund NCIA’s comprehensive national advocacy strategy which includes our full time Capitol Hill staff and retainted lobbyists working to advance our industry’s policy agenda in Washington, D.C. Dues also cover valuable member services like complimentary networking events, exclusive access to valuable market data, and other educational resources provided to members.

Does becoming a member get me a list of all members with contact information?

Although we do have a full Member Directory, we do not list contact info for all of our members. Blooming and Evergreen Members do have the opportunity to provide us with contact information to be listed publicly if they so choose. Sponsors are able to receive a list of attendees who have opted-in at our events. NCIA works hard to protect the contact information of our members.

How can I engage with other NCIA members?

If you’re a current NCIA member, you can join our private LinkedIn group here. You can also engage with other NCIA members at our networking events which are free for members. The best way to promote your brand within our membership base is to sponsor these events. Members can also engage the NCIA community by contributing to our blog, member news, or applying to join a member-led committee.

I’m an NCIA member, how do I reset my password?

Your company login is set to the company name or dba used when you initially sign up. If you’re having issues logging in, please email to get your login information reset.

How do I update my credit card information?

Log in to your company account and update your credit card on file or contact our accounting department at or (303) 223-4241.

How do I access the BDS Greenedge platform?

Your BDS GreenEdge login is a separate login from your NCIA company login. You should have received the login by email. Email Andrew Farley at for login reset.

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