America in Miniature Goes Green: Maryland’s Journey to Adult-Use Cannabis | 9.7.23 | Policy Matters


Introducing “Policy Matters” – an insightful new #IndustryEssentials webinar series dedicated to unraveling the intricate world of regulatory and policy dynamics within the cannabis industry. As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve, staying informed about the latest regulations and policies impacting Main Street cannabis operators is crucial for success. Join us for a series of engaging discussions where regional regulators, industry leaders, legal experts, and policy influencers come together with NCIA leadership to shed light on the most pressing issues facing cannabis professionals.

Are you curious about the intricacies of launching an adult-use cannabis market in record time? In the debut episode of our new Policy Matters webinar series we delved into the strategic aspects of designing a thriving cannabis market while meeting regulatory standards. In this exclusive session, NCIA Policy Co-Chairs Khurshid Khoja and Michael Cooper were joined by Will Tilburg, Director of the Maryland Cannabis Administration and President of the Cannabis Regulators Association, to explore invaluable insights into the objectives that drive cannabis regulators and the pitfalls they strive to avoid. Discover the pressing enforcement challenges that are top of mind for cannabis regulators in 2023 and gain a clear understanding of the evolving landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an understanding of how policy matters in the fast-paced cannabis sector. Stay informed, stay ahead, and be part of the conversation that’s shaping the future of cannabis policy. Tune in today and empower yourself with the knowledge to thrive in this dynamic industry.


Will Tilburg
Director | Maryland Cannabis Administration
President | Cannabis Regulators Association

Khurshid Khoja
Principal | Greenbridge Corporate Counsel

Michael Cooper
Managing Member | MadisonJay Solutions

Session Chapters & Discussion Outline

00:12Session Intro

02:29Moderator & Panel Intro

03:40Launching an Adult Use Market in 2023 | Were there lessons from the existing medical market and others around the nation that you identified as important, both success stories and pitfalls to avoid?

07:23Launching an Adult Use Market in 2023 | What allowed you to move so efficiently and what lessons would you highlight for industry and regulators in new markets rolling-out in the future?

12:48 Launching an Adult Use Market in 2023 | What are some priorities you have for the months ahead?

16:55Launching an Adult Use Market in 2023 | What advice would you give to future regulators on building relationships within the executive branch to prioritize these issues?

22:20Social Equity | Can you talk about reserving the first round of adult-use cannabis licenses exclusively for social equity applicants and other recent milestones or developments working with the Office of Social Equity?

28:56Social Equity | How has Maryland worked to make its medical cannabis industry more equitable and ensure these goals aren’t undercut as they have been with similar licensing preferences in other states?

34:04Enforcement | How did the state set up its enforcement plan? How do you strike a balance in a new market between a complete absence of enforcement and protecting public health?

37:34Enforcement | What are some key enforcement priorities for you looking ahead?

41:40CANNRA | Can you talk about the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA) purpose, membership, and goals?

44:39CANNRA | What are the priorities or goals for your tenure as CANNRA president?

47:20Federal Reform & Regulation | What is Maryland doing to address the hemp-derived cannabinoids issue as it relates to protecting public health and unfair competition with adult-use cannabis licensees?

52:10Federal Reform & Regulation | As a state regulator, how did you receive the recent HHS recommendation for rescheduling of cannabis to Schedule III?

54:56 Federal Reform & Regulation | Commons Concerns Amongst CANNRA Membership Surrounding Rescheduling Recommendations

56:34Federal Reform & Regulation | What is the optimal division of labor between state and federal government if cannabis is completely descheduled in the future?

57:57Final Thoughts | Will Tilburg

59:40Final Thoughts | Khurshid Khoja & Michael Cooper

01:01:00Session Outro & Upcoming NCIA Activities

01:06:19Member Appreciation Credit Sequence

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