Committee Insights | 3.17.21 | Energy Use and Working Towards Standardizations in Regulations

In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series originally aired on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 we were joined by members of NCIA’s Cannabis Cultivation Committee for an advanced session on energy use and procurement alongside sustainable cultivation practices.

Energy consumption is one of the largest costs for a licensed cannabis cultivation. During this webinar, we convened a panel of cannabis industry cultivation experts to share what cultivations are doing to lessen energy consumption and the potential need for standards and/or regulations to help promote “greener” cannabis cultivations.


Steve Mackey – Senior Vice President – Yobi

Ash Ganley – GrowRay Lighting Technologies

Adrian Geovenco – CEO & Co-Founder – InSpire Transpiration Solutions

Josh Holleb – Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Ryan Disney – Botanist – Red Arrow Farm

Noni Goldman – COO – The Hub Craft

Sonny Antonio – CEO/Founder – Sunshine Design

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