Committee Insights | 9.28.21 | Conscious Cultivation through Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series originally aired on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 we were joined by members of our Cannabis Cultivation Committee for a deep dive into Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for hemp and cannabis growers.

More than just a buzzword, IPM is a method for preventing and mitigating damage caused by insects and diseases. Since cannabis cultivators are prohibited from using most pest control products available to flower and vegetable growers, a comprehensive IPM program is vital for commercial growers to maintain a healthy crop and a profitable business. Our panelists defined the overarching principles of IPM and provide specific steps that growers can take today to build an effective pest management program for their crops.

Learning Objectives

Definition of IPM and the related concepts behind it;
1) appropriate beneficial insects
2) timing with other regular pesticide applications
3) facility set up
4) cultural practices and how they affect your other practices like defoliation, air movement
5) employee safety, restricted entry interval, allergies, MSDS awareness
6) pest and disease prevention and treatment
7) contamination prevention methods


Ryan Douglas
Cannabis Growth Consultant
Ryan Douglas Cultivation, LLC

Jesse Porter
Inspire Transpiration Solutions

Scott Sirles
Life Force Permaculture

Hanna Brand
Autumn Brands

Shouhua Wang, Ph.D.
State Plant Pathologist
Nevada Department of Agriculture

Marguerite Bolt
Hemp Extension Specialist
Purdue University

Filipa Sousa Nunes
Integrated Pest Management Expert

Video: At a Glance – Highlights from #MWCannaBizCon!

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