Committee Insights | Meet the Minors (Novel, Minor, Synthetic Cannabinoids – Part II)

In this edition of our NCIA Committee Insights series, originally aired on May 11, 2023, we were joined by members of NCIA’s Cannabis Manufacturing, Scientific Advisory and Hemp Committees for an in-depth discussion of the most talked about minor, novel, and synthetic cannabinoids.

What scientific publications exist for each compound? What do we know about each molecule’s physiological, psychoactive, and therapeutic effects?

You’ll find out during this informative session featuring leading chemical experts, manufacturers and product development specialists. Along with audience members they explored these compounds from various perspectives to examine their implications for consumers, medical practitioners, patients, producers and regulators.

Learning Objectives:

• Molecular Structures and Identification of novel, minor, and synthetic compounds
• Published Physiological and Psychoactive effects of these compounds
• Perceived therapeutic effects
• Opportunity to ask about other new compounds not in presentation.


Cassin Coleman
Cassin Consulting

James Granger
Chief Political Officer
Clintel Capital Group

John Murray
Sustainable Innovations

Scott Seeley
Patent Attorney & Intellectual Property Lawyer
Eastgate IP

This is the second of five in a multi-part series of #IndustryEssentials webinars. You can watch Parts I-V at the links below.

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