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Steep Hill Lab is the first independent medical cannabis screening facility in the United States founded to specifically serve the medical cannabis community. With a mission to bring legitimacy to the medical cannabis industry while ensuring patient safety, Steep Hill Lab has tested over 16,000 samples of cannabis for potency, microbiological contamination and pesticides. As the premier cannabis testing facility, Steep Hill Lab works with medical cannabis stakeholders to implement standards for quality control in California and the greater United States. Additionally, they do consulting for the cannabis industry regarding best practices, safe packaging, distribution standards and product development. The constant innovation coming from Steep Hill Lab has created social change for the greater movement in its effort to provide safe cannabis medicine to patients around the United States. Steep Hill Lab operates at the intersection of science, leadership, activism, technology and entrepreneurship in the medical cannabis industry. For more information about special pricing offered to NCIA members, call (510) 698-4446.

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