Fireside Chats w/ NCIA’s Government Relations Team | 6.30.21 | CAOA or Chaos? – Unpacking Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act

In this edition of our Fireside Chats w/ NCIA’s Government Relations Team series originally aired on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 we were joined by our CEO & Co-founder, NCIA’s board chair, and our esteemed Policy Council Co-Chair to unpack the Cannabis Administration & Opportunity Act with Mike & Michelle.

In response to a call for input on the draft language for a bill that would make cannabis legal and regulated at the federal level, NCIAhas submitted a detailed analysis and recommended improvements on behalf of the legal cannabis industry.

The full comments are available here ( and an executive summary can be viewed here (

Since the discussion draft was released, the NCIA team has been hard at work putting together our comments, as well as soliciting feedback from key stakeholders like our board, policy council, Evergreen Roundtable, social equity scholarship program members, and our general membership. Now, at long last, it’s finally time for us to reveal to you what NCIA has submitted! You can expect a deep dive into restorative justice policies, regulatory frameworks, and the outlook for getting to 60 votes– don’t miss out– tune in now!

Michael Cooper, Esq., Co-Founder & Managing Member, MadisonJay Solutions, NCIA Policy Council Co-Chair
Khurshid Khoja, Esq., Founder, Greenbridge Corporate Counsel, NCIA Board Chair, NCIA Policy Council Co-Chair
Aaron Smith, CEO & Founder, National Cannabis Industry Association

Michael Correia, Director of Government Relations (NCIA)
Michelle Rutter Friberg, Deputy Director of Government Relations (NCIA)

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