Fireside Chats with NCIA’s Government Relations Team | 4.28.21 | Delta-8

The Fireside Chat series of NCIA’s #IndustryEssentials webinars are an exclusive monthly opportunity for NCIA members to hear from our government relations team and guests about the latest developments in federal policy LIVE.

Join Mike and Michelle and their guests this month as they take a deep dive into Delta-8! You’ve been seeing and hearing about it everywhere lately — but what actually is Delta-8, and what does it mean for state and federal policymakers?

The vast majority of Delta-8 products aren’t extracted from cannabis — instead, producers convert plant-derived CBD into Delta-8 THC using a chemical process called isomerization. The process combines CBD with a solvent, acid and heat to cause the reaction that turns CBD into THC.

Lately, many consumers have turned to purchasing Delta-8, which is becoming increasingly more available and typically less expensive than Delta-9 products. However, this has led too much disagreement within the hemp and cannabis communities and markets across the nation. Join Mike, Michelle, and guests as they sit down to talk about this uncharted territory, what they’re hearing on the ground, and how you can prepare your business for this new market. They’ll also discuss how this fits in with the 2018 Farm Bill, safety concerns, and, of course, the implications for both state and federal policy.

• Michael Correia, Director of Government Relations, NCIA
• Michelle Rutter Friberg, Deputy Director of Government Relations, NCIA
• Christopher J. Hudalla, Ph. D., President & Chief Scientific Officer, ProVerde Laboratories
• Greg Gerdeman, Ph.D., Co-founder, ECS Partners
• Paloma Lehfeldt, MD, MA, Director Of Medical Education at Vireo Health, Inc
• Tiffany Coleman, Founder, Cassin Consulting LLC

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