NCIA committees are an opportunity for members to get directly involved in specific industry issues and sectors. These volunteer-driven efforts engage members’ expertise and passion to drill down in areas of expertise and passion to effect change, provide professional development opportunities, and develop best practices and guidelines that will shape the future of our industry.  

Take your involvement with NCIA to the next level, and reap the benefits for your industry and your business.

NCIA Committees: Take your involvement with NCIA to the next level!

NCIA’s 2017-2018 committee appointments are confirmed; applications for the 2018-2019 committee term will open in the spring of 2018.

Cannabis Cultivation Committee (CCC)

The CCC’s mission is to promote the voice of growers, and to develop, promote, and distribute best growing principles and practices with other NCIA members in this industry sector.

Committee Members

Colin Bell - Chair


Matt Hoffman - Vice Chair

Hand Grown

Jeffrey Bobier

Certified Cultivators

Michael Gurevich


James Kelly

Cultivated Power

Scott Milne

Rocky Mountain Efficiency Group

Mo Phenix


Jacob Policzer

The Cannabis Conservancy

Jennifer Roldan

True Liberty Bags

Erin Sharp

Zam Energy

Chris Wrenn

AEssense Corporation

Finance & Insurance Sector Committee (FISC)

This committee promotes the interests of the cannabis industry’s critical finance and insurance sectors, and will develop strategies for the responsible advancement of these sectors for the good of our industry as a whole.

Committee Members

Patrick McManamon - Chair


Ian Stewart - Vice Chair

Wilson Elser

Mike Aberle

Next Wave Insurance

John Balian

Wood Gutmann & Bogart Insurance Brokers

Chris Casseses

Faces Human Capital Management

Sam Fenterstock

AG Adjustments

Jason Horst

Horst Legal Counsel

Marco Materazzi

Emerge Law Group

James Nelson

New Growth Insurance

Dean Rocco

Wilson Elser

Jeffrey Rosen

CBZ Insurance

Jeffrey Samuels


Jamie Shetzer

Venbrook Insurance Services

Hailey Stephenson

Norick Risk Funding Concepts

Jeffrey Ward

Next Wave Insurance

Infused Products Committee (IPC)

The IPC focuses on edible and topical products, reviewing existing business practices and state regulations. Regulation of these products is the IPC’s initial key focus, but the committee’s purpose is to ensure the infused product sector is helping shape its destiny, rather than being driven by differing jurisdictional regulations. The IPC is also working with the Council on Responsible Cannabis Regulation (CRCR) to develop standardized regulations for legislators and regulators to adopt as their states legalize the industry.

Committee Members

Adam Gillman - Chair


Todd Winter - Vice Chair

Winter LLP

Jaime Lewis

Mountain Medicine

Trevor Morones

Control Point Food Safety Consulting

Jeffry Paul


Heidi Quan

Murchison & Cumming, LLP

Margot Wampler

Lifted Logistics

Legal & Banking Committee (LBC)

The LBC advocates for the industry’s equitable access to banking and for the industry to be treated fairly under state and local laws on issues such as 280E; the LBAC and FISC will work in conjunction to ensure mutual goals are achieved.

Committee Members

Todd Kleperis - Chair


Dana Chaves - Vice Chair

Ms. Mary Staffing

Robert Baca

Sierra Strategic Group, LLC

David Bruns

Farella Braun + Martel LLP

Corinne Celko

Emerge Law Group

Marshall Custer

Husch Blackwell

Scott Crow

Dickinson Wright

Donnie Emmi

Hunsaker | Emmi, P.C.

Alan Hanson

Emerge Law Group

Kelvin Keith


Kieran Ringgenberg

Ringgenberg Law Firm PC

John Vardaman

Hypur, Inc.

Marketing & Advertising Committee (MAC)

The “MAC Attack” for the 2017-2018 volunteer year includes developing best practices in cannabis industry marketing; opening dialogues with major media outlets that ban most or all cannabis-related advertising; holding in-person or virtual educational events for NCIA members; and developing processes for a NCIA Excellence in Marijuana Marketing Award, or “EMMA.”

Committee Members

Lisa Buffo- Co-Chair

Cannabis Marketing Association

Michael Weiss - Co-Chair

Nature's Dream Inc.

Robert O'Shaughnessy- Vice Chair

Higher Ground Agency

Bryna Dahlin

Flener IP & Business Law

Kimberly Dillon

Papa & Barkley

Amy Larson


Amber Mayo

Jeanine Moss

AnnaBis LLC

Blake Patterson


Kary Radestock

Hippo Packaging

Christie Strong

Kiva Confections

Gregg Steinberg


Packaging & Labeling Committee (PLC)

The PLC develops recommendations for standardization of the packaging and labeling of cannabis products available to consumers nationwide.

Committee Members

Nancy Warner - Chair


Karen Bernstein - Vice Chair

Bernstein IP

David Aryan

Marijuana Packaging

Alex Berger

Emerge Law Group

Elise Grosso

Cannabis Marketing Association

Rachel Kane

Sure Lock Packaging, Inc.

Carl Rowley

Thompson Coburn LLP

Frankie Sexton

Olshen's Bottle Supply

Adam Steinberg

Flow Kana

Regulatory & Compliance Committee (RCC)

This committee will examine and review the varying cannabis industry-specific statewide regulations and work to establish best practices or guidelines for states and municipalities to facilitate the development of regulations and compliance procedures.

Committee Members

Jordan Wellington - Chair

Vicente Sederberg, LLC

Maureen McNamara - Vice Chair

Cannabis Trainers

Karin Clarke

KC Business Solutions

Sean Donahoe

Operative Campaigns LLC

James Finder

Cannabis Integration

Rick Gilchrist

Guardian Data Systems

Emily Gordon


Bruce Granger

National Grow Technologies

Barbara Halper

DecisionPoint Now

Genny Kiley

Emerge Law Group

Ted Lewis

Boon Edam

Derek Porter

Security Grade Protective Services, Inc.

Aryn Sieber


Michael Wheeler

Flow Kana

Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The SAC is comprised of practicing chemists and other scientific field professionals to advise other NCIA committees as they work to develop standards and guidelines for the various sectors of our industry, ensuring that any formal recommendations produced by other NCIA committees are scientifically sound, sustainable, and legitimate.

Committee Members

Paul Muchowski, Ph.D - Co-Chair

Dr. Paul's

Brittny Anderson

The Cannabis Conservancy

Nick Etten

Veterans Cannabis Project

Krista Hill, Ph.D.

Jondle & Associates, P.C.

Mowgli Holmes

Phylos Bioscience

Grant Orvis

Precision Cultivation Company, Ltd

Alena Rodriguez

Rm3 Labs

Cynthia Shelby-Lane, M.D.

Shelbylane MD PC

In March 2017, the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA) and NCIA entered into a partnership, part of which included the absorption of the group formerly known as the NCIA Minority Business Council (MBC) into MCBA, to be directed by a Steering Committee made up of former MBC members and MCBA and NCIA staff. Inquiries regarding MCBA may be sent to