Member Blog: 5 Types of Business Insurance You Should Consider

Member Blog: 5 Types of Business Insurance You Should Consider

As the cannabis industry continues to rapidly expand and evolve, entrepreneurs need to be proactive in safeguarding their businesses from potential risks. Insurance is crucial for any business, and the cannabis sector is no exception. In this article, we will explore five important types of business insurance specifically tailored to the needs of cannabis entrepreneurs. By understanding these essential policies, cannabis industry professionals can make informed decisions to protect their investments and future-proof their ventures.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers the cost of any injury or damage caused by your business. This includes injuries on your premises and injuries to someone while using your products or services. It also covers you if someone is injured while on your property, even if they’re not part of an organized event or program (like a birthday party). General liability insurance will also cover the cost of any lawsuits filed against you for negligence or breach of contract arising out of the above scenarios.

Professional Liability Insurance (Also Known As Errors And Omissions)

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, protects you from lawsuits if a client feels you have made an error in your work. This can be anything from a client claiming that you didn’t perform according to the contract terms or did not fulfill their expectations.

This coverage differs from general liability protection in that it only covers claims against professional services like accounting or legal services. If you own a business where your products or services could physically injure customers, you also need general liability coverage (more on this later).

The good news is that most businesses need both types of policies: professional liability for the expertise required for running their business and general liability for protecting themselves against bodily injury incurred by customers using their products/services.

Business Interruption Insurance

A business interruption policy provides coverage for losses that result from the sudden, unforeseen loss of use or operation of your business. For example, if you’re forced to close your doors because a fire destroyed your building, this policy will pay back some of the revenue you lost during that period. Business interruption insurance can be purchased as part of a multi-line or a stand-alone policy.

Workers’ Compensation

The next type of insurance to consider is workers’ compensation insurance. This form of insurance covers the cost of medical expenses and lost wages for an employee who has been injured on the job. In all states, workers’ compensation policies are required by law, but you may want to add additional coverage for your business if there is a high risk of injury among your employees. Your premiums will be higher if you have a larger number of workers or more dangerous jobs than others in your area, so it makes sense to review this kind of coverage before purchasing it.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Insurance

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance can be a lifesaver for small businesses, especially when there are multiple employees.

EPL insurance protects your business from sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination claims. It also provides coverage for defending these types of claims against you.

If you’re doing business in certain industries, EPL policies are often required by law or rely on government contracts to run your business. A few examples include healthcare providers, educational institutions, restaurants, and hotels—though it varies by state, so check with your insurance agent before purchasing a policy.


The bottom line is that you should consider your business insurance needs carefully and ensure adequate coverage. If you’re unsure about what type of insurance to get or how much coverage is enough for your business, please speak with an agent or broker who can help guide you through these decisions.

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