Membership Code of Conduct

This voluntary industry code of conduct sets out specific standards of conduct for members of the national cannabis industry with respect to the manner in which they deal with other members and their customers. All NCIA members agree to adhere to this code as a condition of membership. 

The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) recognizes that the manner in which members conduct business reflects upon the professionalism of the entire cannabis industry. Therefore, upon acceptance into membership, NCIA requests that members abide by the NCIA Pledge and Code of Conduct in word, action, and with the spirit of integrity that is at the core of these principles. 

Members of the National Cannabis Industry Association demonstrate their commitment to the profession, to society, and to their peers by pledging to uphold and abide by the following standards: 

  • We shall conduct our businesses and ourselves in an honest and dignified manner, reflecting our adherence to the laws that govern our operations. 
  • Given the high profile of the cannabis industry and the scrutiny under which we operate, we commit to appearing and acting professionally in order to reflect a positive image for the industry and promote our profession.
  • We will strive to educate ourselves, our constituents, and our clients about the most current research and practices available to the industry. 
  • We agree that safety, training, and education are of the utmost importance in maintaining a professional workforce. We pledge to provide for the safety and training of employees to ensure a healthy work environment. We will endeavor to grow our workforce through training and employee development.
  • We shall respect the views, ideas, and contributions of our peers. Open and honest communications and the sharing of ideas and experiences are critical components In the early development of the cannabis industry.
  • To the greatest extent possible, we shall obtain and maintain all state and local licenses required by applicable state and local law to engage in any aspect of the cannabis industry.
  • We recognize the precarious nature of the existing laws and regulations and pledge to support political activity that advances the legitimization of the industry – both through their support of NCIA and through support of local efforts.
  • We commit to advertising in a manner that reflects positively on the cannabis industry and shall comply with all truth-in-advertising standards.
  • We shall treat NCIA members with honesty, respect, integrity, and good faith. Members shall express opinions about other members and the products they offer in a fashion that will facilitate a collegial, professional, and productive atmosphere within the organization. Members shall further avoid conflicts of interest, predatory practices, and anti-competitive behavior. Each NCIA member not only agrees to abide by the principles and practices set forth in this Code of Conduct, but also acknowledges that a material violation of any of the provisions of this Code could constitute grounds for immediate removal from the organization.


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NCIA is leading the cannabis industry's unified and coordinated campaign to ensure our business sector is treated fairly and has the opportunity to reach its full potential. Now - more than ever - is the time to invest in your business and the future of the industry by becoming a member.

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