ANAB Votes to Grant PJRFSI Accreditation for Cannabis Certification

ANAB Votes to Grant PJRFSI Accreditation for Cannabis Certification


Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety, Inc. (PJRFSI) has officially become the first certification body to be granted Accreditation for cannabis certification in the United States by ANAB. The independent cannabis certification standard developed by PJRFSI is a GMP- and GAP-based scheme intended to help cannabis growers, manufacturers, and retailers meet the range of state-by-state requirements.

This standard aims to provide needed outlines for cannabis cultivation, product manufacture, and retail practices nationwide. As each state determines the status of cannabis legality within their jurisdiction, certification requirements can be haphazard. With the release and accreditation of their standard, PJRFSI hopes to simplify and unite the United States cannabis industry for the benefit of everyone from grower to producer to end user.

PJRFSI President Terry Boboige and Accreditation Manager Lauren Maloney have expressed great excitement for what accreditation means for not only PJRFSI, but for the cannabis industry at large:

“The team at Perry Johnson Registrars Food Safety Inc. is incredibly excited to be the first company in the United States to achieve formal accreditation for our Cannabis and Hemp Certification Program. We believe this nationally-recognized program will help the budding cannabis and hemp industries to strengthen, legitimize, and separate themselves from companies that do not have formal certification. Certification to this standard will forever help enhance companies’ image, credibility, and reliability. Accredited certification exemplifies to the public that certified organizations who supply cannabis and hemp products and services have internal safety systems that can inspire confidence.”

Signed Terry Boboige, PJRFSI President & Lauren Maloney, Programs & Accreditation Manager


For more information on the PJRFSI Cannabis Safety Certification Standard and to download a free PDF copy of the standard, visit, or call (248) 358-3388 to speak with the Cannabis and Hemp Division Manager, Brett McMillen.


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