Cannabis Software Solutions from Royal 4 Systems

Cannabis Software Solutions from Royal 4 Systems

Today the Cannabis industry is quickly becoming big business. Choosing the right software to run your operation becomes a challenge:

“Do I start small with a piecemeal solution or do I invest in a software solution that is easily configured and scalable to meet my needs NOW with a solid foundation for future growth?”

 “The best answer:  You don’t have time for short term fixes and partial solutions. You need to invest in a solution that is proven, functional and fully integrated.”

Royal 4 Systems provides a proven solution based on 36 years of expertise in the Logistics and Manufacturing industries along with Food & Beverage. This expertise has helped us pave the way for our Cannabis Solutions with common required elements such as traceability, lot tracking, and regulatory compliance. 

The Royal 4 solution is highly configurable, scalable and rules-based. The system is complete with our Tier 1 WMS integrated to our full ERP solution enabling you to start small, accurately track/align cost to process and address the following:

·     Grow Operations

·     Financial and ERP Management

·     Inventory Management

·     Regulatory Compliance

Cannabis Logistics Assessment – In addition, Royal 4 provides a no-cost Logistics Assessment to prioritize your immediate needs, help minimize cost and identify future requirements so you can “start small and grow big”.

Please call me at 1-888-8ROYAL4 X726 to get started with your no-cost analysis.

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