Cilicon® ELEV Box6 Released: The Ultimate Thumb-Sized Disposable Cannabis Vape for a Sensory Elevating Experience!

As an industry-leading hardware provider, Cilicon® obtains 10+ years of professional experience in manufacturing cannabis vaping devices equipped with cutting-edge technology and pioneered design. 

Today, Cilicon® announces the release of ELEV Box6, the latest addition to its portable disposable cannabis vape line. 

Suitable for All Types of Cannabis Oil 

Designed with the consumer in mind, ELEV Box6 is a thumb-sized disposable vape that pairs perfectly with all kinds of cannabis oil, including broad-spectrum CBD, THC and is proven as a perfect match to Delta 9 cannabis oil. The device condenses fresh flavors into a compact size to allow for a smooth and stable vaping experience anytime, and anywhere.

Epochal Small Size

With a 1/2 mL oil tank and an exquisite appearance design, ELEV Box6 is highly portable and ideal for various usage scenarios. This super compact device is compatible with flavorful, concentrated hits on the go. The delivery of premium-quality vaping in a small form factor is ideal for those looking for a discreet device that can be easily stashed away in a pocket or bag.

Advanced Technology, Satisfied Experience

In addition to its sleek exterior, ELEV Box6 is also powered with advanced technologies for the best vaping experience. The innovative BioBaleen™ technology combines with Duair™ technology to ensure smoothness and stability. With reduced instances of mouth discomfort, oil blockage and spit-back, every user could enjoy a truly immersive vaping experience with enjoyment. The iconic Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology highly restores the terpenes of the cannabis oil, providing potent explosive flavors and long-lasting freshness which differs ELEV Box6 from all the similar products.

At Cilicon®, your happiness is always the priority. Enjoy ELEV Box6 wherever life takes you! 

For more information about ELEV Box6, please visit

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