EAS Complimentary Webinar: US FDA Proposed Traceability Rule

EAS Complimentary Webinar: US FDA Proposed Traceability Rule

EAS Complimentary Webinar: US FDA Proposed Traceability Rule

Presented by Allen Sayler, Senior Director, Food Consulting Services

December 2, 2020 at 11:00 AM ET

FDA’s proposed rule “Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods” mandates traceability recordkeeping requirements for certain foods such as cheeses, shell eggs, some types of fish and produce. When finalized, the Traceability Regulation will be the final component of FSMA and a key component of the FDA “New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint,” implementing Section 204(d) of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

What does this proposed rule indicate and how can you begin preparing for this food safety blueprint?

Join EAS Senior Director for Food Consulting Services, Allen Sayler, for a deep dive into the proposed requirements and what they could mean for you.

Begin strengthening your record-keeping and traceability protocols to pave the way for faster identification of contaminated products and foodborne illnesses sources.

About the Presenter
Allen Sayler
Allen Sayler is the Senior Director for Food Consulting Services at EAS with expertise in the areas of food processing, particularly in the area of dairy processing, infant formula, bakery products, food additives, botanical products and food packaging as well as GSFI Third-Party Certification programs such as Safe Quality Foods (SQF).

With more than 35 years as a food processing and regulatory expert, including representing the US food processing industry at the Codex Committees on Food Additives, Food Labeling, Food Hygiene and Milk & Milk Products, Allen has held prestigious positions such as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and International Standards at the International Dairy Foods Association as well acting chief for FDA’s Milk Safety Branch and Assistant Dairy Commissioner for the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. He has also worked on dairy standards and grading programs at the Dairy Division of USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service. Prior to joining EAS, he was a Managing Partner of the Center for Food Safety & Regulatory Solutions.

About EAS Consulting Group
EAS Consulting Group, a member of the Certified family of companies, is a global leader in regulatory solutions for industries regulated by FDA, USDA, and other federal and state agencies. Our network of over 150 independent advisors and consultants enables EAS to provide comprehensive consulting, training and auditing services, ensuring proactive regulatory compliance for food, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, tobacco, hemp and CBD.

Through our alignment with Certified Laboratories, a leading full-service food testing laboratory servicing the food industry since 1926 (certified-laboratories.com), Labstat, a best in class tobacco, nicotine and vape safety laboratory (labstat.com) and Labs-Mart, a dietary supplement, vitamin, and healthy products laboratory, (labs-mart.com), EAS can assist you with your regulatory requirements and challenges, while offering a more robust scope of testing services to meet your organization’s sophisticated needs.

From strategic product development, toxicology and microbiology assistance, including preparation of technical submissions such as GRAS, Food Additive Petitions, DMFs, NDIs, 510(k)s and more; to FSMA compliance, expert witness services, due diligence assessments, or support after receipt of a FDA form 483 or Warning Letter, including market withdrawals, recalls and improvement plans with follow-on mock-FDA inspection audits, EAS offers the detailed knowledge and experience your company requires to ensure accurate and timely assistance. With our vast expertise in FDA’s policies and enforcement, EAS is the proven choice for assistance with FDA, product testing and other regulatory solutions. easconsultinggroup.com




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