Hep Fair Brazil 2023 Confirmed In Sao Paulo April 13, 14, and 15
By Bethany Moore
December 13, 2022
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Hep Fair Brazil 2023 Confirmed In Sao Paulo April 13, 14, and 15

The largest Brazilian Cannabis fair, aimed at markets in the Americas, will bring world news, focused on the 21 economic sectors in the region. Stands with exhibition and sales of products, conferences, workshops and international networking activities are on the agenda. Small businesses will also have guaranteed Spaces 

On April 13, 14 and 15, 2023, the Hemp Fair Brasil 2023 will take place in Sao Paulo, in South America. The event aims to be the largest Cannabis themed fair in Brazil, prepared to receive visitors in person, as well as online attractions, promising to be a unique fair for three days. More than 20 thousand people are expected, circulating among the exhibitors and other simultaneous events. 

The event is being held by the Brazilian Association of Cannabis Industries (ABICANN), with production by the Comunicar Bem agency. Hemp Fair Brasil will have a support project to host more than 110 stands for exhibitors, considering companies and social organizations interested in supplying or acquiring solutions with raw materials and inputs from the Cannabis plant. 

ABICANN aims to hold a great meeting of the industry, bringing together professionals and productive, economic and social sectors around the Cannabis plant; and present  Brazilian trends to the world. Confirmed presence of participants in 25 countries,  covering topics of Culture, Education, Behavior, Health, Science, Business, Services,  Public Life, Media, Marketing, Logistics and Innovations arriving or leaving the country. 

Fully inclusive, the fair and event spaces will be designed to foster connections between professionals in the sector and people interested in the benefits of the Cannabis plant,  proposing environments designed for open innovation. The focus will be on knowing  and presenting technologies, products and services, which will be a trend in the 

Cannabis culture for the coming years. What products and technologies should arrive here in 2023? 

Business opportunities for companies and professionals 

A pavilion with tiers of different sizes; digital advertising on screens and outdoor communication; workshop areas; space to contribute ideas using the scenarios; and encouraging networking actions are some of the opportunities that professionals and companies can already guarantee, reserving spaces until January 29, 2023. 

Reserve for Exhibitors: https://pt.surveymonkey.com/r/RJCGC8H 

Space for all audiences: far beyond capital 

Patient associations, growshops and tobacconists, individual entrepreneurs and self employed professionals, doctors, pharmacists, psychologists, veterinarians,  agronomists, laboratory and industrial technicians will have guaranteed places, albeit limited! Important to reserve in advance at registration. 

An outdoor fair with cultural and craft products will be setting the stage for a space for all tribes, audiences and tastes. Products that require health registration must be previously informed and evaluated, to enable their commercialization. 

21 Economic Sectors in Brazil: Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp 

A series of Technical and Scientific Reports, produced at the request of ABICANN, indicate that Cannabis/Hemp is capable of recovering the environment, improving human and animal health, generating jobs, developing new businesses and ventures,  and moving the national economy. There are more than US$ 30 billion per year, which must enter the Brazilian economy until 2030, according to projections by the main  business and industrial entity in defense of the Cannabis culture in the country. 

Brazil was behind in health issues and generation of opportunities around Cannabis.  Continuous information, the defense of serious professionals and the birth of business,  scientific and social organizations can now come together in pro-patient associations, in innovation and research centers and in the formation of companies. It is these groups that provide access to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products, which find their way into Brazilian pharmacies or are delivered directly to patients seeking medicines made from the plant.

In the years to come, regulatory bodies should be discussing proposals for an infinite range of products for health, genetics, nutrition and to produce almost everything that is seen with the fibers and other raw materials of Cannabis and the hemp variety. 

From medicines to clothing and animal feed. More than 90 countries in the world have regulated the varieties of Cannabis in some way and cause millions in taxes. And in  Brazil, when are we going to regularize it? 

It is time to review our concepts to understand that it is a billion dollar economy, and it  will be positive for Brazilians to professionalize, because there is already a global climate in search of minds, natural resources and alliances in Brazil, valuing the impacts of protagonism economic and social that it generates in the member countries of the  Americas. 



HEMP FAIR BRASIL 2023 | April 13, 14 and 15, 2023 | https://hempfair.com.br Reserve for Exhibitors: https://pt.surveymonkey.com/r/RJCGC8H 

Location: City of Sao Paulo / Brazil, South America 

More information/Call number: +5513 996.079.093 

Press/Contact e-mail: portal@abicann.org or relacionamento@comunicarbem.com.br

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