InSpire Transpiration Solutions to Host Cultivation Webinar Series

InSpire Transpiration Solutions to Host Cultivation Webinar Series

InSpire Transpiration Solutions to Host Cultivation Webinar Series

Leading HVAC solutions company will discuss how cultivators can uncover profitability
through an understanding of cannabis plant culture 


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – April 29, 2020 – InSpire Transpiration Solutions, an HVAC products and services provider focused on controlled environment horticulture to optimize product quality, is excited to announce a new webinar series exploring important topics for cannabis cultivators. The series will focus on the concept of cultural control, the practice of modifying an indoor growing environment to maximize photosynthetic outputs and reduce the prevalence of unwanted pests and pathogens. Cultural control is an important part of a cultivation operation’s environmental control strategy, and is directly related to managing factors like grow room temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels and regulating pests.

The webinars will feature discussions on how cultivators can optimize product quality and increase profitability through a deep understanding of cannabis climate control plant culture. “The 10 Cardinal Parameters of Plant Health and Vitality” is the first event in the series, and will take place on Thursday, May 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT.

“Successful cannabis cultivation depends on many variables, including an intimate understanding of your plants that goes beyond basic needs for growth,” said Adrian Giovenco, CEO of InSpire Transpiration Solutions. “A consistent cultural and environmental control strategy can help cultivators maximize plant genetics, optimize product quality and yield, and influence overall plant health and vitality.”

The webinar series will be hosted by industry experts Jesse Porter and Robbie Batts of InSpire Transpiration Solutions. Porter brings more than a decade of experience to his role as Cannabis Business Specialist where he helps cultivators mitigate risk and maximize profits. Batts is InSpire’s co-founder and Chief Technology Officer with expertise in designing, selling and commissioning HVAC systems for grow rooms. Porter and Batts will bring their breadth of knowledge in cultivation science and technology to guide the conversation and answer questions in real time.

“The 10 Cardinal Parameters of Plant Health and Vitality” will explore the 10 most important factors that influence plant growth and plant health, and the impact these factors have on plant transpiration and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). Understanding these cardinal parameters allows cultivators to manipulate VPD to optimize plant genetics, biomass, phenotype expression and other elements that influence product quality.

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About InSpire Transpiration Solutions

InSpire Transpiration Solutions provides integrated heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification (HVACD) solutions for indoor and greenhouse horticulture with a mission to help clients maximize revenue, optimize product quality and output, mitigate risk and reduce operating expenses. Leading the way with over 50 years of combined HVACD experience and nearly two decades in the cannabis industry, InSpire is an equipment and controls manufacturer specializing in building large-scale and commercial grow room HVACD systems to deliver stable climate control throughout the entire cannabis supply chain. Combining a background in mechanical engineering and cannabis science, InSpire partners with clients to meet their specific goals through all phases of commercial controlled environment grow room construction, from HVAC system design and build to constant commissioning and optimized SOPs required for cannabis facility maintenance. Based in San Francisco, InSpire works with clients throughout the United States and Canada. @inspire_transpiration

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