Kukuza Announces Free Diagnostic to Prepare Cannabis Companies for Scaling and Growing Their Business
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Kukuza Announces Free Diagnostic to Prepare Cannabis Companies for Scaling and Growing Their Business

Is your company’s finance function ready for the big leagues? Get your free checkup and find out!

Newark, Calif., August 15, 2019 — Kukuza Associates LLC, a cannabis-dedicated subsidiary of RoseRyan, today has introduced the Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic: a new tool that the Silicon Valley-based finance and accounting consultancy is offering for free to cannabis companies intent on reaching their potential.

Designed to rapidly assess the most important dimensions of a cannabis company’s finance and operational capabilities, the diagnostic takes two hours to complete with a Kukuza team member. And what do companies get? Critical feedback so they can handle what’s necessary for effectively scaling and growing their business.

The Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic determines if the financial foundation of the cannabis company has what’s needed to achieve future milestones and satisfy investors, by evaluating the overall systems, processes and finance function of the business. For companies facing growth issues and tough budgeting decisions, the diagnostic helps them prioritize what needs improving.

Explains Dave Roberson, CEO of Kukuza, which means “potential” in Swahili, “We think this simple yet comprehensive dialogue, guided by the diagnostic’s finely tuned questionnaire, will engage cannabis company leaders and ready them for growth.”

He adds, “That’s what our firm is all about and that’s why we’re offering the Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic for free, at least initially—we want to ignite interest in it and be the rocket fuel to as many cannabis companies as possible. This diagnostic lights the way for them, rapidly, so they can make the right investments in their companies.”

How It Works: Digging into the Financial and Operational Health of the Cannabis Company

For cannabis operators leading companies of any kind or size, the diagnostic is easy to do, taking roughly two hours for the dialogue about their business. The Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic looks under the hood and evaluates 16 functional areas—such as growth plans, operations, competition, debt, and supply chain—that affect a company’s ability to sustain growth.

Developed from RoseRyan’s consulting work with growing businesses since 1993, primarily in Silicon Valley and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, the diagnostic zeroes in on whether there’s an internal infrastructure that can deliver steady, reliable financial information for decision-making and outside eyes. According to Roberson, any missing pieces will hold back fast-moving companies at critical times.

Comments Roberson, who recently joined the NCIA’s Banking & Financial Services Committee, “People leading cannabis companies get to talk about their favorite subject—their business! This powerful exercise provides perspective from our expert finance and accounting team, and it will benefit any company that wants to dig into what they’ll need to move ahead with their big plans.”

Scorecard Provides Easy to Understand Feedback

During the course of the conversation, all 16 functional areas are scored on a 1-5 scale, as the cannabis company quickly identifies strengths and weaknesses in its financial strategy and operations. Then a consolidated score in the form of a dashboard displays the company’s overall financial readiness, providing valuable information that is easy to understand and act upon. In areas of weakness, the company will be advised on what’s needed to improve.

This overall snapshot is also a window into the company’s operational health. “The diagnostic’s readout provides a high level view of a company’s situation, and one of its real gifts is the chance for leaders to easily internalize what’s needed,” comments Roberson, whose article on the elements of a strong financial foundation for companies was published this month in Marijuana Venture.

Sign Up for Your Company’s Complimentary Rapid Diagnostic Today

Company leaders can jumpstart their understanding of how far they’ve come and what’s needed next by using the Kukuza Rapid Diagnostic. Go here to learn more and request yours today: https://kukuzaassociates.com/cannabis-business-solutions/rapid-diagnostic/

About Kukuza Associates

Kukuza Associates LLC is a Silicon Valley-based consulting firm dedicated to helping cannabis businesses go further, faster with great finance that’s steeped in sound operations. As a RoseRyan company, we deliver strategic finance, outsourced accounting, financial reporting and analysis, internal controls and business transaction support, and our roots in cannabis go back to 2014. Learn more about our robust, flexible solutions at www.kukuzaassociates.com. Follow us on Twitter @Kukuza_Assoc and on LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/kukuza-associates-llc.


Kukuza Associates CEO Joins NCIA’s Banking & Financial Services Committee

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