Member News: Cilicon® Releases the New Disposable THC Vape Mod EDGE Box2 for Effortless, Unmatched Vaping Pleasure
By Bethany Moore
May 22, 2023

Member News: Cilicon® Releases the New Disposable THC Vape Mod EDGE Box2 for Effortless, Unmatched Vaping Pleasure

Effortless Efficiency, Endless Possibilities.

Cilicon® introducing EDGE Box2 with pride—it is a revolutionary and avant-garde disposable THC vape device that challenges the traditionalist trends of the industry. With its ergonomically designed button-activated feature, EDGE Box2 boasts adaptability to varying usage scenarios. The generously sized visible oil window satisfies users’ penchant for observing their oil status, while the Reoregin ™ ceramic coil facilitates an unprecedentedly smooth atomization experience that is perfectly suited for diverse types of cannabis oil, especially Delta 9.

Incorporating a customized oil tank with a capacity of 1-2mL offers maximal flexibility for individualized use cases. Further, the window size and shape can be tailored to achieve alignment with your brand visuals, ensuring total brand immersion and loyalty.
Selecting EDGE Box2 represents an investment in supreme vaping technology, introducing new avenues for setting yourself apart from conventional offerings. A decision to excellence—discover the cutting-edge proficiency of EDGE Box2.

Little Button, Big Surprise.

The highly sophisticated and elegantly designed EDGE Box2 equipped with a button is an ideal solution for an array of usage scenarios. Its state-of-the-art technology allows for dual voltage settings and intelligent temperature control to ensure optimal functioning while preventing overheating and misfiring. The pre-heat mode also unlocks maximum performance capabilities catering to various oil types, specifically Delta 9. Whether for personal use or professional applications, the sleek and compact EDGE Box2 delivers unparalleled precision and efficiency, offering a seamless vaping experience.

Put Essences in the Box to Unbox Your Potential.

Unlock the true capabilities of your Delta 9 vape oil with the revolutionary EDGE Box2. Breaking away from conventional designs, the exquisite and ultra-portable box shape is a testament to its exceptional engineering. It’s slim edges and compact dimensions allow for effortless operation using just your fingertips, all while fitting snugly in even the smallest pockets. With its unparalleled portability, it elevates your vaping experience wherever you go, leaving a lasting impression that’s sure to impress. Revel in the satisfaction of perfectly extracted flavors and indulge in an outstanding vaping experience with this unprecedented device.

Intense Potency, Fluent Vaping.

Introducing the pioneering Reoregin™ ceramic heating technology, designed to meticulously extract every terpene flavor profile with precision. This cutting-edge technology optimizes potency while preserving the integrity of each integrated ingredient by utilizing lower vaporizing temperature settings and an intelligently dispersed heat system.  Cilicon®’s unique mesh coil coupled with matching ceramic porosity guarantees enhanced aroma diffusion; conforming that all scent molecules encapsulated within the cannabis oil are available for discerning user’s palette. 

Discover more about Cilicon® EDGE Box2, visit:

Cilicon® Launches A Flat Pen-Like Reoregin™-Powered Disposable Vape 

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