STM Canna Launches Revolution  Sub-Zero Grinder for Cryo-Frozen Cannabis

STM Canna Launches Revolution Sub-Zero Grinder for Cryo-Frozen Cannabis

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STM Canna Launches Revolution Sub-Zero Grinder for Cryo-Frozen Cannabis

Leading cannabis technology manufacturer releases sub-zero commercial cannabis grinder.

SPOKANE, WA, March 31, 2021 – STM Canna Corp. (, a leading manufacturer of commercial cannabis processing solutions launches the brand new, reimagined Revolution Sub-Zero commercial cannabis grinder to U.S and global markets, adding to their line of premium processing equipment. 

The Revolution Sub-Zero is specially engineered to operate in environments below -20 F / -28.9 C and features built-in temperature control and pre-heating technology.

STM Canna identified a market absence of commercial-grade cannabis grinding technology that supports today’s relevant methods of processing and extraction using low-temperature cannabis and/or conditions. The Revolution Sub-Zero addresses this need with its innovative approach aimed at providing hemp and marijuana facilities the ability to grind material in low-temperature environments that are known to further preserve cannabinoid profiles and minimize degradation.

“In our pursuit of maximizing cannabinoid preservation in grinding, we identified that a precursor to minimizing loss requires distinct cooperation between optimal starting material and the avoidance of warmer temperatures that induce the volatility of various organic cannabis compounds. The Revolution Sub-Zero is reimagined to work [with conventional dry/cured and cryogenically frozen flower] in these suitable, low-temperature settings for peak potency, flavor, and aroma.” says Jessica Ferranti, Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President of STM Canna Corp.

While there is a growing selection of machinery and tools like dry ice for cryogenically freezing cannabis, the lack of technologically capable machinery to grind cryo-cannabis in the next phase of processing has been limited until now. Because cryogenics are used to avoid degradation of monoterpenes and cannabinoids post-harvest, a low-temperature grind in the Sub-Zero allows for the continuity of this type of preservation to achieve an ultimately superior cannabinoid profile and final product. This also makes The Revolution Sub-Zero cannabis grinder ideal for Live Resin, Rosin extraction, and other processing methods.

The Revolution Sub-Zero is based on STM Canna’s original design of the Revolution 2.0 commercial cannabis grinder and utilizes an extremely sharp dual-blade system which maintains maximum potency by directly slicing through flower with precise, scissor-like motions to achieve the cleanest cuts possible and the most optimal homogenous grind. Combined with this pre-existing technology, the Sub-Zero’s features further encourage degradation to an even lesser degree, making it an invaluable addition to brands seeking to increase ROI and product quality.

About STM Canna
Established in 2017, STM Canna Corp. has through the years grown to become the industry’s standard for commercial pre-roll machines and bespoke cannabis grinders. With clients across 36 U.S. States as well as international clients in Canada, United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, and South Africa, STM Canna Corp. is recognized as a global leader in cannabis commercial processing technology. STM Canna’s clients range from small producers and processors to the largest, most well-known hemp and marijuana brands in the world.

All STM Canna equipment is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA with industry leading quality and exceptional customer service. For more information, visit



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