NCIA Today: Episode #4 – COVID-19 Resources, #IndustryEssentials Webinars, And More!
By Bethany Moore
April 28, 2020
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NCIA Today: Episode #4 – COVID-19 Resources, #IndustryEssentials Webinars, And More!

Welcome to NCIA Today – tune in for our latest episode!


Host Bethany Moore, NCIA’s Communications Manager and host of NCIA’s weekly Podcast ‘NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice‘ brings you an in-depth look at what is happening across the country in federal cannabis policy reform and with NCIA.

From the top, Bethany discusses the newly-launched NCIA #IndustryEssentials series. Webinars that arenʻt just about getting some big-name talking heads on a Zoom call. This new series provides insights you canʻt find anywhere else, from experts who will surprise and delight you with their in-depth knowledge on relevant industry topics.

We check in with NCIA Social Media Manager, Vince Chandler, to hear some of the recent highlights from the Internet about cannabis policy reform, cannabis & COVID-19, and more. Our resident digital expert also breaks down the ways that NCIA is looking to help our members improve their engagement and reach online.

Executive Director Aaron Smith joins Bethany on NCIA Today to discuss the unacceptable exclusion of cannabis from federal coronavirus relief efforts, especially surprising given that cannabis has been deemed essential. Join Aaron is calling Congress today and ask that they support The Emergency Cannabis Small Business Health and Safety Act.

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