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Disadvantages The U.S. Has In Cannabis Legalization
By Bethany Moore
April 8, 2019
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Disadvantages The U.S. Has In Cannabis Legalization

In this episode, we discuss disadvantages the U.S. has in cannabis legalization with Oscar Velasco-Schmitz of Dockside Cannabis. Aaron Varney, Maria Moses, & Oscar Velasco-Schmitz are the heart and soul of Dockside Cannabis, and the reason the company exists. All of them stem from backgrounds in either business, technology, or both- and their unique stories are what brought Dockside to life. In 2009, Oscar had been advocating for cannabis rights for years and was able to establish lasting relationships with people and policymakers like city attorney Pete Holmes, which helped to shape bits of the conversation around what cannabis policy for Washington could look like.

He later connected Maria with someone who ran a medical collective, and the two of them agreed to move forward with their own cannabis shop. The U.S. is basically falling behind in the global market now with other countries legalizing cannabis for adults or at least medical use, and of course, they’re not subject to U.S. tax laws. They discuss if the U.S. is at a disadvantage due to these restrictions, as well as the fact that we’re seeing cosponsors on our legislation from BOTH sides of the aisle, both democrat and republican. That’s due to our industry getting out there and educating them about our issues and putting a personal face on it. They speak about what kind of anecdotes or research we need to be sharing with those who are not yet supporters of our issues.

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