New Cannabis Market Expansion
By Bethany Moore
September 16, 2019
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New Cannabis Market Expansion

Tune in to learn more about new cannabis market expansion with Jocelyn Sheltraw, Director of Regional Strategy for Headset. Headset provides Business Intelligence for cannabis companies, from dispensaries and retailers to product manufacturers and growers. She is responsible for strategy and operations in California, along with new cannabis market expansion. Jocelyn also advocates for women in technology leadership positions and against the social stigma of the cannabis user. People want to use CBD as a wellness product, so perhaps they’re looking for edibles and want the wellness effects but not the “high” from THC.

It appears that kind of product is going to become more popular for a lot of demographics. We talk about what she has seen specifically when it comes to high CBD and low THC edible products, as well as if she is noticing that CBD products are most popular among certain demographics. The thought process is that elderly and senior citizens would benefit the most, but we discuss who Jocelyn thinks is the biggest CBD customer base.

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