Nina Parks and Ramon Garcia – Original Equity Group
By Tahir Johnson
October 9, 2020
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Nina Parks and Ramon Garcia – Original Equity Group

Nina Parks is the creator of cannabis brand, Gift of Doja and currently serves as Madame Chair of The San Fransisco Cannabis Oversight Committee.
Ramone Garcia is the owner of two family run cannabis businesses, cannabis delivery/distribution service, Padre Mu and Sanctuary Farms.
They are two of the co-founders of The Original Equity Group. OEG’s objective is to ensure that the Equity Program thrives in San Francisco by providing the foundation and framework needed for success. This includes ensuring our equity applicants have access to business training, good jobs, safe funding, and strategic partnerships, as well as making sure that equity incubator businesses are connected to the community through various outreach programs. OEG organizes and executes on workshops, events, and educational resources. They also recently launched the Equity Trade Certification.

Tauhid Chappell – Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists

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