Advanced Transpiration Solutions
By Bethany Moore
June 25, 2020
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Advanced Transpiration Solutions

Learn more about advanced transpiration solutions with Adrian Giovenco from InSpire. Adrian is a passionate engineer with over a decade of experience designing, selling, and commissioning HVAC and process systems throughout North America. Recognizing that there is a knowledge gap around fully understanding plant transpiration rates and how they impact controlled environments, he founded InSpire to focus on Advanced Transpiration Solutions, which allow for precise environmental control throughout the growing cycle and into dry/cure and process manufacturing. Adrian currently serves on the NCIA Facilities Design Committee.


We start by talking about healthy plants, how we grow, and nurture healthy plants that will make it to the dispensary and ultimately into the happy customer’s hand. This is part of a healthy supply chain, so we dive into the controls needed in that cultivation room to make sure no little pests, bugs, COVIDS, or any other unwanted things get on that plant. As a leader who’s seen a few projects come and go. Ranging from successes and failures and lots of money being spent on investments, Adrian talks about big picture advice on choosing your project teams and how to assess who is legit, as well as who is a right or wrong fit, and who is a snake oil salesman.

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