An Innovative And Thoughtful Approach To Cannabis
By Bethany Moore
August 26, 2019

An Innovative And Thoughtful Approach To Cannabis

An innovative and thoughtful approach to cannabis with Jon Monk, Managing Director of Smokin Hot Solutions. Smokin’ Hot Solutions was started ten years ago in Philadelphia with one cohesive goal; to build a cannabis marketing agency with an innovative and thoughtful approach. Since then, they have cemented themselves as the go-to agency for digital marketing in the cannabis industry. At a time when there were few specialty cannabis marketing agencies, and few people willing to take the risk, they seized the opportunity.

NCIA is super excited to see more of these little colonial states looking to legalize medical or adult-use, and it seems like a game-changer after Colorado and the West Coast legalized. We talk about the excitement of the East Coast warming up to cannabis. Smokin Hot Solutions specifically is helping cannabis companies with their branding so we dive into what kind of companies are they working with. As well as their philosophy and perspective on our industry today and the branding strategies they’re seeing.

Cannabis Implementation In Ohio

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