Cannabis Big Data with Henry Finkelstein
By Bethany Moore
May 17, 2021

Cannabis Big Data with Henry Finkelstein

Cannabis Big Data with CEO & Founder Henry Finkelstein today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry’s Voice. Henry empowers colleagues and clients by spinning data into gold with intuitive, actionable insights. After working in e-commerce, consulting, healthcare, and government contracting, Henry saw the opportunity to create a modern-day data toolkit for cannabis businesses that connect the data dots with one-click reports & dashboards that help companies earn more and stress less.

We all know the cannabis industry operates in “dog years,” so one year is like 7 years in any other industry, so a lot can happen in just a few years. We talk more about DATA and what we do with it. Data looks great on paper in a fancy report with charts and graphs, but it can be a lot of math. We dive into how do we get over that mental block that keeps us from making the most of using our data in a meaningful way to grow our businesses.

Kevin Greene | Cleveland School of Cannabis

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