Company Culture in the Cannabis Industry
By Bethany Moore
June 2, 2021

Company Culture in the Cannabis Industry

Learn more about how company culture within the cannabis industry looks with Cassandra Michaud of Elev8 Cannabis. Cassandra is a marketing professional who has worked in various retail management positions, strategizing business development and sales training to drive record-breaking revenue margins. Since then, she briefly managed Elev8 Cannabis’s Oregon store, before becoming Elev8’s Operational manager; coaching store managers across all locations, while learning about the cannabis industry and the unique and varied needs of cannabis businesses.

As COO, Cassandra offers first-hand experience in each role we offer at Elev8. We discuss Cassandra’s role and some of the values she’s instilling within the company culture, and how company culture within the cannabis industry looks a little different than other industries. Back in the earlier days of cannabis companies, we heard a lot of stories about start-ups hiring friends and family rather than going through formal recruiting and hiring practices. Maybe sometimes that worked out just fine, but in other cases, it caused some issues down the road, so hiring is a huge component of the success of a cannabis company.

Tiffany Watkins | Vanguard Media Online

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