Data-Driven Cannabis Supply Chain
By Bethany Moore
November 23, 2020
/ Education

Data-Driven Cannabis Supply Chain

In this episode, learn more about data-driven cannabis supply chain with Camille Roistacher. Camille is the Founder and CEO of Voyage Distribution, a data-driven cannabis supply chain company, and Wyllow, an inclusive cannabis flower brand for the conscious connoisseur.

Roistacher is a fearless woman of color from Pasadena who began dipping her toes in the leadership pool by becoming Pasadena’s Rose Queen in 2006 when the media dubbed her as a “natural leader” who was “destined for royalty.” After working her way up through several management roles in the tech field at Fortune 500 companies, Camille brought her expertise to the cannabis space in 2018 by launching Voyage Distribution and quickly began serving some of the top cannabis brands in California.

It’s interesting to see the ways the industry is expanding and becoming more sophisticated and streamlined, and one thing we’ve seen is the wholesale distribution model which can house multiple brands and products, rather than the vertical integration models we’ve traditionally seen where a single licensee must grow, produce, sell, the whole she-bang. This wholesale model is different, so Camille explains how that works and so much more.

Rico Lamitte – Canivision

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