Differing Regulations For Cannabis Products Versus CBD/Hemp-Derived Products
By Bethany Moore
February 4, 2019
/ Education

Differing Regulations For Cannabis Products Versus CBD/Hemp-Derived Products

In this episode of NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice we are joined by Edmond Torbati, of Founder/CEO of Label Choices. Label Choices is a leading label company that has deep roots with some of the industries most recognized labels. For more than a decade, Label Choices has worked to deliver the highest quality labels and the best possible service.

Label Choices is an environmentally conscious company that can provide your company with solutions to help minimize waste and lessen the impact on the environment. They speak about the differing regulations for cannabis products versus CBD/Hemp-derived products, and about some of the differences for those products and how that impacts an entrepreneurs experience in the industry.

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