Evolutions In Vaporizer Technology and Cannabis Oil Cartridges
By Bethany Moore
June 21, 2022
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Evolutions In Vaporizer Technology and Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Learn more about evolutions in vaporizer technology and cannabis oil cartridges with Mike Hogan of Thompson Duke Industrial today on NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice only on The Cannabis Radio. Today we start by talking about the vaporizer market. The devices are one part, as well as the actual cannabis oil formulas go into the cartridges. There’s a kind of standard, mass-produced vape pen battery you can get for $10, and most cartridges fit them, but there are also proprietary designs that require specific pods or cartridges. So we ask, what other evolutions of the vaporizer designs and technologies have you seen?

On the other hand, there’s the oil, as we mentioned, and we saw a health crisis hit our industry in 2019 and NCIA published a white paper on the vaping crisis. The issue was with the vitamin E acetate being used in the formula, and Massachusetts even banned vape pens entirely for a while. We discuss the reports that this was putting people in the hospital with lung infections.

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